Touring the Green World of Uncle Ike’s White Center

Ready to take a hilarious journey to the emerald land of ‘High’-Seattle? Welcome to the Recreational Marijuana Store at Uncle Ike’s White Center. Nestled amongst the radiant beauty of Medina, Kirkland, and West Seattle, WA lies Uncle Ike’s, a wonderland that is an endearingly tongue-in-cheek clash of cheeky humor and top-quality cannabis.

This isn’t grandma’s herb garden, my friend. No, we’ve traded in the oregano for some Acapulco Gold and Bubba Kush. Our Cannabis Dispensary in Seattle, famed for its variety and quality, puts Willie Wonka’s factory to shame. And no, we’re afraid the rivers aren’t filled with chocolate milk!

From the tranquil Seahurst to the bustling heart of White Center, WA, everyone agrees that Uncle Ike’s is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But brace yourselves, because this is the only pot we endorse here. Stop giggling, West Seattle. We see you.

Pack your bags, Washington, and come on down to Uncle Ike’s White Centre- where every day feels like 4/20. So, who’s up for a ‘bake’-cation?