How Wurk Makes ‘High’ Functioning Operations a Reality!

Wurk is your trusted guide through the hazy world of Cannabis operations. Our unique platform combines all the “buds” of business management—Cannabis Workforce Management, Cannabis Software, and Human Capital Management for Dispensaries, just to name a few.

Crafting a smooth cannabis operation is harder than a pot brownie after 3 hours in the oven (and believe me, we know about those). It takes special care, deep expertise, and probably a bit of Bob Marley music in the background.

Our unique Cannabis Software handles everything from planting the first seedling to making your 420th sale (For those in the Cannabis game, yes – we mean it metaphoric-plants and sales-ally).

We’re much more than your everyday Cannabis Payroll Provider though. Wurk is more like the Mary Jane of business software – the ultimate partner, helping to manage and pay your workforce without being a buzzkill.

And our Canna Recruiter feature? Let’s just say it hunts down talent better than a stoner seeking snacks on a Sunday afternoon.

At Wurk, we’re about making good times roll seamlessly. We help you look past the smoke, so you can focus on what truly matters: the joy of running a ‘high’ly successful business.