A Day in the Life at Codes Dispensary

Working at Codes, the favored dispensary in Macon MO, is a unique and exhilarating experience for anyone fascinated by the budding cannabis industry. The day usually starts by opening our doors to a flooding of aromatic scents that set a serene ambience impossible to disregard.

A Lingering Morning Aroma

Whether you’re an employee or a first-time visitor, the rich smell of natural herbs stimulates your senses and ushers you into a world promising an incomparable dispensary experience. Our staff jumps right into the day by examining and restocking inventory, always ensuring the highest quality products for our customers.

We keep up with the constant flow of vibrant individuals from Macon and the surrounding areas, each eager to explore our vast array of edibles, topicals, and smokable cannabis products. The diversity of our clientele sends out a clear message – the stigma surrounding cannabis use is diminishing, and our community is becoming more accepting and aware of its possible benefits.

Knowledge is Power

After the morning rush, our team indulges in product knowledge sessions. We believe in empowering our personnel with the latest information about the distinct cannabis strains, their effects, and the ideal usage. Providing detailed product information enhances our customers’ experience and helps them make suitable decisions about cannabis consumption.

By the time evening rolls around, we’re winding down from the day while maintaining our objective of outstanding customer service. We aim to create an inviting environment where customers can ask questions, discuss concerns, and maybe even discover their new favorite product.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Key

The best part of my day is witnessing the satisfied faces of our customers after a successful visit to Codes Dispensary. As closing time approaches, we ensure our store is refreshed and ready for the next day, with anticipation of providing another day of excellent service to our community.

Every day at Codes is an opportunity to educate, guide, and provide a high-quality dispensary experience to our treasured community here in Macon, MO.